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Shaman Missy



“Missy helped me prepare for my wedding. I had a paralyzing fear that I’d cry my way through the vows I had planned to write myself and say for the first time at the event. She was patient with me and understanding of my vulnerabilities. I learned to trust her completely and as it turns out...through her coaching and hypnotherapy, I walked down the aisle and read my vows without a tear in my eye. I was thrilled! I recommend her services to anyone who wants to face a fear, prepare for a big event, or just find their center through mindful practices.”

                  -Jessica Kenning

          "Missy Sunseri, is walking in her gifts and talents as a therapist. The depth of her knowledge, and love for her work, is evident in her counseling. I personally have worked with Missy, on anxiety issues, due to breast cancer and brain surgery. I had seen other therapists in the past, but none have ever been able to help me. But Missy, is a shining light that stands out for those who are searching for comfort and tools to navigate personal issues. Missy will guide you along a path that will bring healing to your heart and mind, in a purposeful and gentle way. Missy will equip you with the necessary tools to cope with the difficult issues. 100% recommend working with Missy, you will surely see the light you've been searching for!"



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